Business, Educational & Medical

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A Management Tool for Time of Crisis or Everyday Good Management

Accidents · Cancellations / Closures / Delays · Customer Contact ·Emergency
Preparedness ·Fire ·Health · Human Resources ·Leaks / Spills ·Marketing Product
Information and Recalls ·Vendor Contact ·Weather Related Issues ·Utility Problems
  • Fast Outbound Voice - Fax - Email Notification to Wireless and Land Line Phones, PDA's, Pagers, Fax Machines.
  • Interactive and can collect responses
  • Mission Critical 24/7/365
  • Easy to use
  • Cost effective
  • Designed with security and redundancy
  • Open bridge for "crystal clear" conference calls
  • Dispatches calls Worldwide and Time zone sensitive
  • Operates on the fly via phone or the web
  • Multi-lingual capabilities to increase effectiveness
  • No equipment to buy, integrate, or maintain
  • Data held in strict confidence, never shared, leased or sold